Graduate programmes in Phonetics

Phonetics with Emphasis on Rhetoric

Learning outcomes of the graduate programme in rhetoric are: analysis and interpretation of different rhetorical genres (monologs and dialogs), analysis of speech structure, analysis and evaluation of argumentative discourse, identification of fallacies in argumentation, analysis and evaluation of presentation skills, analysis and evaluation of public speaking style and ability to structure and conduct courses and exercises for improvement of public speaking skills.

Phonetics with Emphasis on Rehabilitation and Clinical Phonetics

During their study the students acquire the ability to determine typical speech and language development and possible deviations, understanding of hearing mechanisms and functional diagnostic procedures, with particular emphasis on the Verbotonal method, the ability to detect, analyse and correct pronunciation errors in the process of foreign language learning, including Croatian as a second language, mastery of technical characteristics and application of instruments that are used in the diagnostic and rehabilitation of hearing, including the selection of hearing aids and monitoring their use.

Phonetics with Emphasis on Theoretical and Experimental Phonetics

Theoretical and experimental programme of the graduate university study of phonetics is focused on equipping students with expertise in theoretical and experimental phonetics. The students are able to apply, analyse and develop research techniques for speech analysis and synthesis, as well as adequately interpret speech data within a particular research area.