Vesna Mildner

Prof. Emerita Vesna Mildner
Office: B 312
Phone: 4092 097
Office hours: Wed 11-12:30


Vesna Mildner, Ph.D. is tenured professor and Chair of applied phonetics at the Department of Phonetics, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. Her research and teaching activities focus on speech acquisition, bilingualism, neurolinguistics, speech perception, auditory impairments and phonetic correction. Dr. Mildner has participated in Croatian and international research projects, and does joint research with colleagues from Australia, Canada, Norway, UK and USA. She was principal investigator on the project Neurolinguistic aspect of bilingualism (2002–2014) and is currently involved in two projects: Coarticulation in Croatian speech: instrumental investigation (CROCO) (Croatian Science Foundation) and Challenges in social sciences and humanities: new study programs and quality at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Zagreb (European Social Fund). Her publications include 2 books, about 80 book chapters and journal articles, some 40 abstracts and a number of book reviews and editorials. She (co)edited several books and proceedings, served as editor-in-chief in journals Govor (2010–2015) and Strani jezici (2000–2004) and is currently on the editorial board of several Croatian journals and an international one. Dr. Mildner is regularly asked to peer-review books and articles for Croatian and international publishers. She presented some 30 invited talks in Croatia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Hungary, Germany, Italy and Slovenia and had some 70 papers at Croatian and international conferences; organized and/or served on organizing and program committees of about 40 conferences. Her teaching activities include supervision of 6 doctoral dissertations and about 100 B.A./M.Ed. theses, as well as award-winning student projects. Dr. Mildner is a member of numerous national and international associations and president of the International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association. During her career at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences dr. Mildner had several executive and administrative functions (Head of Phonetics department, Faculty vice-dean, member of Faculty council). She is currently serving as member of the Editorial council of FFpress – publishing division of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and member of two research ethical committees.